Mercatiks Incorporation is an independant structure dedicated to market development for companies focused on their growth prospects. Based on services of marketing analytics & business develpment, we deploy all our knowledges & competences to create for you new market opportunities.

Combining flexibility, expertise & originality, we single out by our reactivity & the serious of our implication.

Challenge-oriented, Mercatiks considers its customers as partners. Your objectives are ours.


V as “Value Added”


Based on the excellency of its interventions, Mercatiks Incorporation looks for the success & the satisfaction of its customers. The goal is to provide market key information and apply the right leverages to achieve the targets expressed by our partners.


M as “Market Opportunities”


Establishing its activities in an international framework, Mercatiks Incorporation aims the development of your business by a results oriented approach. Thanks to indicator implementation and an ongoing dialogue, we are dedicated to your business growth.

  • Flexibilty provided by predetermined costs and durations
  • Innovative services beyond those usually encountered
  • International interventions deployed in more than 40 countries
  • High level of satisfaction achieved by customers considered as partners
  • Price competitiveness among the most attractive on the market
  • Transparency of the offers which are detailed & explained
  • Originality of services adapted to a wide variety of subjects